How to join a "ZOOM" video conference  

In these difficult times we are increasingly finding new ways to meet together using the available technology. Whilst this will never replace actually meeting it does mean that we can see and talk to each other whilst keeping safe. 

These are the simple instructions for everyone who has a smartphone, pad/tablet or computer to participate in a Newbury Baptist Church video call. 
All smartphones and pad/tablets have cameras built into them for just this purpose.  Most modern laptops computers also have a camera built into them, however if your computer does not have a camera you can still participate by voice. You will be able to see others in the call but they will not be able to see you.

There are 3 sections to look at here; Please read them all, even the most seasoned of Video Call users need to be reminded of these points from time to time. 
  1. How to behave in a call
  2. How to join a call
  3. How to control a call

Video call etiquette

Video conference calls are not the same as meetings face to face so some simple rules of etiquette will help you get the best from this new type of meeting; 

1) think about where you are going to be for the meeting.

  • Be in a place where there are no distractions for you or other people on the call like TV or Radio, open windows other telephone calls etc. 
  • Remember what is behind you will be seen by everyone else in the call. You may not notice your laundry hanging up behind you but EVERYONE ELSE WILL!!!
  • Try to have your device standing on something solid. It is amazing how quickly your arms will ache holding a phone up for 40 minutes. 
  • It is best if the camera is comfortably at eye level with you sitting down. If you hold a device in your lap everyone else gets to look up your nose... and they usually prefer not to do that!

2) think about what is happening during the meeting. 

  • Will you need to read or write? it is better to have everything you might need to hand so you don't disturb the meeting by going to get something whilst everyone waits for you
  • It is OK to have a drink with you for a meeting 
  • It is NOT OK to be eating a meal during the meeting

3)  think about everyone else on the call. 

  • this may sound obvious but, if something happens that you need to deal with, END THE CALL FIRST... you can always go back and re-join the meeting later. 
  • please do NOT take another phone call or start a conversation with someone else in your house, deal with an accident or spillage, open the door to a visitor etc. 
  • please DO think about what you are wearing and how the camera will view you. We "normally" converse through eye contact as well as through voice, but this is different.

4) when you speak. 

  • speak in a normal voice. if you raise your voice or shout, the other people on the call will not hear you as well as if you speak normally. 
  • try to allow others to finish before speaking and don't speak over others. In normal conversation we can use visual cues to understand and deal with several people speaking at once. The computers can't cope with that so they randomly turn the noise levels down and everyone just gets to hear gobbledygook. 

How to join a call

Calls are scheduled at specific times so that we all know when to meet up.

There are 2 types of meeting invitation to look out for;

in an e-mail or message that will look like this; 

Topic: My Meeting
Time: Mar 30, 2020 01:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 363 138 001


as a piece of text in the weekly e-news that will look like this; 

"join us on a video call at 11:00am on Sunday. You can join by clicking HERE "

Clicking on the link address ( will connect you to the meeting. 

The screen will invite you to join with Video if you have a camera. If you do not select this option you will join only by audio link and we will not be able to see you. 

You will be invited to put your name into the system. This is the name that will appear on the screen for everyone else who is in the call. Please use the name that you would like them to use when addressing you. First names are usually best... silly names may seem funny at the start of a meeting but can be quite boring by the end. 

It is advisable to connect to the meeting a few minutes BEFORE the start time as the system takes a little time to get everyone ready for the meeting.  When the leader arrives they will start the meeting and everyone will automatically join. 

You can LEAVE the meeting at any time by choosing the LEAVE MEETING option. This will be on your screen, however it is in different places depending on which device you are using. 


Some people may choose to download a zoom app onto their device. You do not need to do this to participate in a meeting, however if you choose to do this please be aware that you need to download the correct version for your device. You can check to see what is right for you by going to

How to control a call

Once you have joined a call there are only 2 buttons to consider using; 
Mute allows you to turn off you microphone so nobody can hear you. REMEMBER to turn it on again before you want to speak. 
Leave Meeting use this button to leave the meeting at any time. If you leave the meeting you will NOT be closing the meeting for everyone else and you can always re-join the meeting if it is still in progress. 

If you are really stuck and you need help, a phone call to the meeting organiser is the best way to sort it out. The meeting organiser has a number of other controls that they can use to help you. 
It is ALWAYS best to try the link you have been sent well in advance of the meeting.  You cannot join a meeting that is not yet started (the meeting organiser controls that) so you will only see a message asking you to wait for the meeting to start... but you will already know what to expect and can deal with any problems well before the meeting has started. 

If you don't have a device that will allow you to connect by video you can ALWAYS connect by an ordinary phone call. You will not be able to see anyone but you will be able to join in the conversations and be a part of the session just the same. 

If you dial the number below and then follow the voice instructions
0208 080 6592 

You will be asked for the Meeting ID. Unless otherwise instructed in the invitation you should use Meeting ID: 721 928 413?

Enjoy being part of a fellowship that cares and connects even in these difficult times. Stay safe and well.