Please join us in praying for: 

We pray for the world; 

There seems to be no end in sight for the war in Ukraine. It feels like the coldness of the winter has slowed the news flow, but the war continues for the people of Ukraine and Russia. As their sons and daughters continue to be killed or injured physically and mentally they cry out in their anger and frustration at the senselessness of it all. 

Father God, we pray again and again for some progress towards a cessation of hostilities. For those sending the young people into a fight they did not create. For those who are offering help and support to the wounded in body and in mind. Be the strength that they need, provide the words and the tools and the energy they need to keep up their healing ministry, regardless of their faith in You. 

We pray for those in leadership. Father we hear the demands for more weapons, for more powerful weapons and for more capabilities to inflict death and destruction on ordinary people. We understand the desire of one country to rid itself of invaders bringing death and destruction or lives and livelihoods. 

Father, we are reminded again this week, of those who are about Your business in Ukraine and Russia. For your faithful people, serving You by sharing Your message of hope in what feels like a hopeless situation. We pray especially for the team from Hope Now, working in dangerous situations, risking their lives for the sake of your message.  

We also pray for those in other countries risking their lives and their liberty by sharing your message of hope in countries where the regime fears the power of your message. We think of Russia, Afghanistan, China, We think of Syria, and Iran where merely the presence of your Holy bible can be enough to be imprisoned or tortured or worse. 

Father, we pray for these and other parts of your broken world. Teach us how to pray into these desperate situations. 

We pray for our nation

Lord for those who are waiting and suffering for medical treatment that seems never to arrive. For those whose lives are struggling because of pain and suffering. Father, we pray that your healing power will be upon those whom we know and those who we do not know. 

By the power of Your Holy Spirit, speak into the hearts and minds of those in responsible positions of power. Lead them to the places where solutions can be found. Show them how to resolve what seems unresolvable. 

We pray for those who are angry, for those who feel frustrated and undervalued in their work. For those who feel that their only recourse is to inflict more pain and suffering on others by strike action or withdrawing their labour.  We pray for patience. Father God, help us to show patience and understanding to those who feel angry and frustrated. Breath your spirit of peace into our hearts and our words as we listen and understand.  

For those for whom there is not enough money at the end of the month. For those who are reliant on foodbanks and charity, Father we pray for a quiet dignity in both giving and receiving where the needs are great. In our land of plenty, we pray for balance and equality in what we consume and what we contribute. 

And for our Church

We pray for our search team and our deacons as they consider the future of our Church leadership. Father, we believe that You have our future in Your hands. You know our needs and our future. You know where we are weak and where we are strong. Father, we pray that the Holy Spirit will lead and inform all of the discussions, meetings and deliberations. We pray that Your hand will lead us to the person You have chosen as our new minister. We pray that You will even now prepare our hearts and minds to receive them as Your appointed person. Show us Your love and let us not shy away from Your challenge in whom you send. 

As we reflect on the word of God together. We pray for honesty as we search our own hearts. For humility and recognition of the needs of ourselves and the needs of others in sharing our worship space together. Teach us how we can prepare our hearts for worship together and alone. Show us, as a the whole body, how we can improve our worship.

Father, we desire to be the church You have created us to be. To be the worshippers that You have created us to be.  Father we pray for honesty and integrity in our worship. As we look to change our approach, to find time to prepare ourselves, to come expectantly to you in worship. We pray that your Holy Spirit will guide and instruct our leadership team as they work to enable and empower us all in worship. Help us all to respond to Your call to us. To step out in faith and in the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Help our leadership team as they digest and respond. 

We are Your servants. Direct us where you would have us go. 

We pray all these things in and through the name of Jesus Christ.

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