Please join us in praying for: 

We pray for the world

As the war of attrition in Ukraine continues both on the battlefield and in the news media we continue to pray for peace. The strategies and pride of a few individuals continues to cost the lives and livelihoods of thousands of ordinary people. As the Russian military commanders seem to be fighting amongst themselves over how many soldiers they can send to their death over a symbolic but strategically unimportant town in eastern Ukraine. We pray for peace. We pray that the bloodshed will stop soon. We pray that the destruction that has caused global disruption will come to an end and that the shattered lives of those who have lost everything can start to be rebuilt. 

Oh Lord we continue to cry out to you in the pain and suffering caused by the greed and pride of a few powerful people. We pray for a change of heart. We pray for hope in a country torn apart by violence and war. Father God in Your great power, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will come down onto the battlefields and board rooms on both sides. For those who fund and support war through the manufacture and distribution of weapons and ammunition, Father we pray that you would soften their hearts and break their supply chains. Father whatever it takes to end the chaos pain and suffering, Lord let your Spirit fall on those in power and show them Your ways of peace. 
We pray for Afghanistan. As the Ministry of Economy is being very slow to clarify the ban on female workers in that country. We pray that you will move the position quickly so that the NGO community can resume it’s essential humanitarian work in a country with such desperate needs.  We thank you for the initial clarification that the ban does not apply to Health and Education programmes has meant that some work has been able to resume. 
Lord we pray for all NGO workers in that country, we pray for a sense of safety and freedom to continue to serve the needs of those communities affected by poverty and sickness. Lord as the workers help the population to rebuild lives that have been blighted by war and conflict for so many years, we pray that good news will also be able to flow. We pray for more stories of the success of the programmes that are only now re-starting. Lord may your love continue to flow in that country. 

Father God we pray for a smooth transition of power in China. A country about which we know so little. Father we pray for those who are now taking control of so much. As they focus on increasing their global economic power, father we pray that all countries will see and understand the need for peaceful coexistence and cooperation. We pray that the sabre rattling of recent months will change to words of respect and peaceful collaboration for the benefit of all.   We pray particularly for those who suffer religious persecution in that vast country. Father we pray that Your Holy Spirit will work in and through Your people there. We ask for tolerance and understanding as Your people share their experiences of You with their friends and families. Father we pray that you will breath your revival into those places. 

We pray for our country

As the noise about freedom of speech at the BBC dies away, Father God help us not to forget the cause of the controversy. For those who want to move to the UK in order to improve their lives, but are resorting to illegal and risky means to get here. Father we pray for wisdom and sensitivity in Government. For our elected leaders who seem to be using increasingly harsh rhetoric in the situation. Father we pray that you will soften the position on both sides. As the proposed new legislation is tested against the law we pray that the kindness and generosity that has been applied to Syrian, Afghan and Ukrainian refugees can also be applied to those from other countries. 
Lord as we hear about the problems in the UK economy this week, especially as the budget announcements will be made in parliament, Lord God we pray for our politicians and the civil servants who will try to balance the budget and relieve some of the economic pressures on those in greatest needs. Father we pray that the politics of popularity will recognise the desire of so many in this country to be kind and supportive of those in greatest need, and to quieten the voices of extremism that seek to create conflict and division through self interest and hate. Lord we pray, have Your way in us, make us your messengers in words and deeds. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and send us out into the world around to show Your great love and compassion for all people. 

We pray for our Church. 

Lord God, as we consider what it means to be a Church that is humble, we pray that You will continue to speak to us in and through each other as well as through Your Holy scriptures. Lord give us the grace to hear you speaking. As we reflect on Your, word we pray that Your Holy Spirit will inspire us to respond.
Lord we give You thanks and praise for Your voice in our Children. We pray that You will inspire us to respond to their plea for help in learning from Your word.  Lord raise up your people to commit to serve you in this way. 
Lord we pray for our deacons. So much of the work they do is unseen. Father we thank you for each of them and their willingness to serve You in leadership and responsibilities. Lord God we pray that they will continue to hear Your voice in the busyness of everyday life. We pray that you will show us how we can encourage and support them in discerning Your truth and statutes just as Moses did for Your people Israel. 

We ask Your Holy Spirit will come on all those involved in searching for the person you have appointed as our next minister. As a Church we pray that You will prepare our hearts to receive Your servant. Father we pray for wisdom and discernment together as we all want to know whom You are sending. Father we pray you would speak clearly so that we would all know Your voice when we hear it. 
And together we pray for peace and understanding, for patience and kindness, for perseverance and humility as we serve you this week. 

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