Christmas in a Shoe-Bag suggested gifts

This year we are supporting Hope Now a Christian Charity supporting disadvantaged children and adults in the Ukraine, by filling shoe-bags with small Christmas gifts for children.
Empty shoe bags are available via now the Church Office or from Kelvin & Judith Pitman. The bags are made of a Christmas themed polycotton or similar material and are approx. 30cm x 50cm and have a draw cord around the top to which is attached a resealable clear label holder. The holder contains a small card on which you can indicate the age group and gender for which your bag is intended e.g. 2-4, 5-9, 10-14 year olds and Boy/ Girl. Full instructions come with each bag and must be back by 25th October in order to get them to the Ukraine on time.
Please do NOT include items that may melt, are liquid or perishable, as these may contaminate your bag and several around it during transportation, e.g. chocolate, shampoo, foodstuffs etc. Toy weapons are not suitable.
Many of the following suggestions apply to both genders and several age groups providing they are age appropriate.
For example a jigsaw puzzle with a few large pieces is suitable for younger children, while older children will cope with many more smaller pieces (age guidance is often given on many toys). Avoid small items for the youngest which can be a choke hazard. Items with a Christian theme are perfectly acceptable.
This list is not comprehensive just a guide to the sort of items you might want to include.
 Christmas ina shoe bag example

Stuffed animals or toys hand knitted or otherwise (probably not for older boys)
Puppets/ dolls – age/gender appropriate
Small musical instruments – mouth organ, tin whistle
Play-doh plus perhaps forming/moulding utensils
Plastic animals/ people/ cars/ planes/ furniture etc.
Building blocks/ simple construction kits
Jigsaw and other puzzles
Solar powered or wind-up torch (older children)
Skill toys – skipping rope, yoyo, Frisbee etc.
Balls - soft for the youngest, tennis balls for older ones
Flat football with perhaps a pump for older children.
Rainy day toys – dominoes, card games (age suitable)
Magnets/ Compass/ binoculars
Personal Care
Comb/ brush/ toothbrush/ flannel/ nail clippers/file
Soap (bar), deodorant stick
Containers for above
Plastic cups, plates, eating utensils (for youngest)
Craft and School items (check they are age suitable)
Pencils (ordinary and coloured), Pencil cases
Crayons / felt-tip pens, water paints and brushes
Chalk/ Chalk boards
Rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, sticky tape
Paper, notebooks, card, colouring books
Geometry sets (oldest ones only)
Sewing kit, sewing materials (age suitable)
Clothes etc.
Hats/ scarves/ mittens/ baseball caps
Small backpack/ handbag/ purse/ wallet
Sunglasses/ bows/ ribbon/ bracelets/ belts (age/ gender suitable)
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office at Email: or call 07780 682844


Newbury Baptist Church Office, 06/07/2020