What has God ever done for you?

Summer preaching 2020   

To hold onto our faith during a time of trial is no mean feat.  When all around us feel that God is NOT in the events which happen, it take some doing to contend that He is.  If someone were to ask you why you go on believing, and what God has ever done for you – what would you say?  Here are some answers from the Psalms of King David.  Some of the Psalms are familiar and some less so.  

June 21st Know your calling 2 Peter 1 v.3 - 11
June 28th And finally… 2 Peter 3 v.8 - 18
July 5th He blesses me Psalm 85
July 12th He hears me Psalm 40
July 19th He forgives me Psalm 32
July 26th He inspires me Psalm 19
August 2nd He rescues me Psalm 18
August 9th He sustains me Psalm 63
August 16th He judges me Psalm 75
August 23rd He fortifies me Psalm 46
August 30th He guides me Psalm 23