Peter – a rock with a history

Summer preaching 2020   

In the next few months, no stones in this church will be more important than the ‘living stones’ of which it is made.  On a good day, we find that prospect inspiring – but on a bad one it is intimidating for those of us who are aware of our own weaknesses. The ‘living stones’ description arises from Peter, described by Jesus as the kind of rock on which he could build his church.  In this honest look at Peter’s life – both highs and lows, we shall consider what is to be learnt for living stones like us. 
April 19th First call John 1 v. 35 - 42
April 26th Confession and calamity Matthew 16 v. 13 - 23
May 3rd Denial Mark 14 v.27 – 31  and 66 - 72
May 10th Commission John 21 v. 15 - 22
May 17th HOME FOR GOOD Dedication – Abilene and Joshua
May 17th Testimony Acts 4 v. 1 - 13
May 24th New thinking Acts 10
May 31st Prison break Acts 12 v. 1 - 18
June 7th  A call to humility 1 Peter 5 v. 1 - 11
June 14th Brigades service  
June 21st And finally… 2 Peter 3 v.8 - 18