Richard is a regular contributor to radio broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Berkshire. 

On Radio 4 he contributes to Daily Service (0945 on Long Wave) and Sunday Worship (0810 on FM). He also contributes occasionally to Prayer for the Day.
On BBC Berkshire he contributes to the News Hour once each month on Bill Buckley's show at 2pm on Wednesdays, and is an occasional panelist on 'In other news' on Saturdays at midday.

Where available, details of upcoming programmes will be posted  here. 
December 19th   09.45 am      Daily Service on BBC Radio 4 Long Wave
December 25th   09.00 am      Christmas Service on BBC Radio 4
January 16th       09.45 am      Service on BBC Radio 4 Long Wave
January 15th        3.00 pm       BBC Radio Berkshire - News Hour

Newbury Baptist Church Office, 11/12/2019