Bible Time; 

Series 1 Spring 2019

The origins of our Bible

How much do you know about your Bible, really? If you were challenged on where it came from and how reliable it is, could you give an answer?

Bible Time Series 1 takes the Bible which most Christians have in their hand and asks how it got there. The series look at how the contents of the Bible was selected, how it has been translated, and the skills necessary to interpret it. Advice is also given on how to handle the different Biblical genres appropriately.

Comments from those who attended

".... this course changed the way I approach the Bible, I better understand the context in which it was written and the impact of translation..."

"...I really enjoyed these sessions. It was a lot to absorb and quite fast-paced.  This was not a course for beginners...."

" ...I've learnt a fair bit - I hope - and not just that there is so much that I didn't know that I didn't know."

"...For me the interpretation session was the most spiritually helpful..."

"...Richard's presentation style and the content was spot on!  "